K-Shield® Advantage Blood Collection Set with Holder, 3/4 Inch Needle Length, 21 Gauge

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K-Shield® Advantage Blood Collection Set with Holder 21 Gauge 3/4 Inch Needle Length Safety Needle 12 Inch Tubing Sterile
  • Sterile, winged grip style blood collection set with holder provides a safe collection environment for both clinician and patient
  • Integrated safety device eliminates extra steps for disposal
  • Fast and simple one-step activation with an audible "click"
  • Needle is covered by sliding safety shield during removal, ensuring confidence in safety
  • Convenience of a pre-attached vacuum tube holder
  • Code is green; gauge is 21; tubing is 12 inches long; needle is 3/4 inch long
K-Shield Advantage
Kawasumi Laboratories
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