Microflex Midknight XTRA, Medium

$38.95 - $332.95
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MICROFLEX MidKnight XTRA 93-862 nitrile examination gloves provide comfortable, reliable protection against nasty substances such as opioids. These innovative, extended cuff gloves are tested against both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) to simulate extreme, real world overdose situations. Their dark black color makes it easy to see hazardous substances while also masking dirt and stains.
  • Non-foaming for easy handling of objects in wet environments
  • Tested against both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) to simulate extreme, “real world” overdose situations
  • Easy to see when hands have come into contact with potentially hazardous powders because of their dark, black color
  • Provides extra protection over the wrist and forearm with an extended cuff
  • Made with a soft, flexible nitrile formulation
  • Fully textured for a reliable, consistent grip
  • Latex free
  • Material: Nitrile
  • Palm Thickness: 0.12mm / 4.7mil
  • Finger Thickness: 0.16mm / 6.3mil
  • Available in Sizes: S-XXL